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#StolenMemory – Archives : Bad Arolsen, Allemagne (en angalis)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Project #StolenMemory of the largest archive in Bad Arolsen:

There are 3,000 objects in the ITS archive called Effekten, mainly from political prisoners from 30 countries from the Neuengamme concentration camp. Most people come from Poland, Germany, Russia and Ukraine, also from France and the Netherlands.

This special collection is available online from 2015 in the first archive:https://digitalcollections.its-arolsen.org/010209/name

Since the end of 2016 Anna Meier-Osiński, Head of the Tracing / Information Department

on the Victims of Nazi Persecution is responsible for the research project in order to return the personal belongings of prisoners to their families. As part of the project, queries are made of all persecuted people and information is sought for further exploration. Until the end of 2016, over 250 facilities were returned to relatives. In 2018, the #StolenMemory exhibition was prepared, which supports the search for relatives.

The Department of Information about Victims of Nazi Persecution in Bad Arolsen asked for contact with relatives of former female prisoners from KL Ravensbrück, whose list with links to the archive is attached below.

Please send information to:

Anna Meier-Osiński

Head of the Tracing / Information Department

on the Victims of Nazi Persecution

International Tracing Service (ITS)

Große Allee 5-9

34454 Bad Arolsen, Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 5691 629-162

Fax: +49 (0) 5691 629-501

E-Mail: anna.meier-osinski@its-arolsen.org


Effekten Ravensbrück/ITS Archiv

KORELOWA, Valentina 2018-11-06:019 TD 7 010 343https://digitalcollections.its-arolsen.org/01020903/name/thumbview/192841/217855
KUZENKO, Eugenia 2018-11-26:031 TD 7 009 836https://digitalcollections.its-arolsen.org/01020903/name/thumbview/192966/219357
LISENKO, Nina 2018-10-26:045 TD 7 009 864https://digitalcollections.its-arolsen.org/01020903/name/thumbview/193041/220581
MENITSCHENKO, Genia 2018-10-31:048 TD 7 010 116https://digitalcollections.its-arolsen.org/01020903/name/thumbview/193177/222590
BILOBRAU, Natalia 2019-02-04:043 TD 7 010 499https://digitalcollections.its-arolsen.org/01020903/name/thumbview/191994/208327
GORILLA/GORILA, Alexandra 2018-10-24:062 TD 7 009 707 – Schule in Schabalinow, Gebiet Tschernigowhttps://digitalcollections.its-arolsen.org/01020903/name/thumbview/192410/212823
ANDREJEWA, Katja  2018-11-08:065 TD 7 010 548 – RK, Tallinn und Staatsarchiv von Estlandhttps://digitalcollections.its-arolsen.org/01020903/name/thumbview/191865/206920
SOKOL, Takara/Tamara 2019-02-04:044 TD 7 013 643https://digitalcollections.its-arolsen.org/01020903/name/view/193841
GERMAN, Wassili 2019-02-04:057 TD 7 013 668https://digitalcollections.its-arolsen.org/01020903/name/view/192378
EISMONT, Jadwiga, geboren 1923/1925 in Wesselowschtschina, Belarushttps://digitalcollections.its-arolsen.org/01020903/name/thumbview/192275/211494
DEMJANENKO, Alexandra, geboren am 01.01./01.10.1924, Geburtsort unbekannthttps://digitalcollections.its-arolsen.org/01020903/name/thumbview/192198/210668
DYMOWITZ/DYMOWIZ, Maria, geborene USEWITSCH, geboren 1901 in Usweja, Belarushttps://digitalcollections.its-arolsen.org/01020903/name/thumbview/192265/211409
MATWEJEWA, Antonia/Antonina, geboren am 25.09.1923 in Malyje Pustynki, Gebiet Leningrad/Pskow, Russlandhttps://digitalcollections.its-arolsen.org/01020903/name/thumbview/193151/222112
NAUMOWA/NANMOWA, Maria, geboren am 07.11.1923/1925, Geburtsort unbekannthttps://digitalcollections.its-arolsen.org/01020903/name/thumbview/193287/223922
DOBOITSCHINA/DOBOITSCH, Neonella, geboren am 11.10.1923, Geburtsort unbekannthttps://digitalcollections.its-arolsen.org/01020903/name/thumbview/192224/210966

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