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« Questions We Wanted to Ask » – Conversations with Holocaust SurvivorsWe invite you to watch a new episode in the video series, « Questions We Wanted to Ask, » featuring a diverse range of Holocaust survivors answering questions about their respective experiences. Harnessing the format of a popular television show, the various participants, spanning a breadth of backgrounds and birthplaces, tell their stories, interweaving them with the answers to questions posed to them.  In this episode, survivors grapple with the question – Can one ever be free of Auschwitz? The Hebrew series has subtitles in English. Click here to watch.Online Exhibition – From Hope to Despair: The Story of the Horonczyk FamilyVisit an online exhibition that highlights the lives of the Horonczyk family, who moved from Poland to Paris in 1926 with hopes and dreams of a better life. They adjusted well to life in France, creating a thriving business and expanding their family. But when the Germans occupied France, the extended Horonczyk family faced devastating circumstance and grave danger. The end of the war found the family’s few survivors broken and dispersed. The photographs, documents, testimonies and artifacts presented in this exhibition tell their tragic story.From our Publications – Beyond the Things Themselves: Economic Aspects of the Italian Race LawsIlaria PavanOne of the unique aspects of the fascist antisemitic campaign in Italy that influenced the scope and harshness of the actions against the Jews is its length; it went on for seven years. In this important study, Ilaria Pavan carefully analyzes the economic aspects of Jewish persecution and the community’s struggle before, during, and after World War II. She exposes the persecutory intentions and mechanisms of the Italian regime and discusses the long series of provisions, decrees, and laws that severely afflicted the Jewish community. Based on many sources—government documentation, letters, and survivors’ memoirs—Pavan depicts in detail both the persecution and the reintegration stages, and devotes ample space to the voices of the victims. Click here to purchase.newsletter_f... DONATE NOW donate_arrowWWW.YADVASHEM.ORG
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