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Since 1992 the foundation keeps a collection of former deportees’ videos.

Because of the huge costs for such a project, the number of recorded contemporary witnesses is limited to 100.

By the small number of videos the following criteria were conceived to choose the witnesses to show the deportation as far as possible with all its facets:

  • The motives of the arrest (persecution or suppression)
  • The aim of the deportation (which camp in which country)
  • The status of the person (social background, sex)
  • Ideological and political environment, religion

The videos were recorded by the IFOREP (Institut de Formation de Recherche et de Promotion). The institute also created the fitting and the guideline.

The original videos were placed at the disposal of the National Archives / Office for the history of the 20th century. The foundation and the witness him-/herself own a copy.

The aim of the videos is particularly:

  • The support of the preparation of class in schools
  • The conservation of the memories when all witnesses have passed away
  • The provision for researcher, historians, journalists and authors

The rules and circumstances of a possible use of the videos are not yet specified. Within a short time they will be arranged in cooperation with the National Archives. At this moment the witness reports are not publicly available.

// Audio store

In 1997 the foundation has started a new project for recording contemporary witnesses in form of audio data.

The so-called committee of audio data was founded to manage a collection of 400 audio data. Each of them takes circa two hours.

Different groups of support (Amis de la FMD, foundations network, Amis de déportés et internés and families of the deportees) were founded throughout France to maintain the project.

These groups got a guideline (“Dossier équipe”), which was made by the committee, and basic conditions, which must be signed by the witness.

The finished records are keeping by the National Archives together with the cassettes, the basic conditions and the notes of the deportees.

Furthermore summaries were made, which allow to separate reports in sequences. These are digitized by the National Archives and should make it easy to work with the audio data.

You have been deported or interned and you want to share your memory?

Then please do not hesitate to contact:

Cyrille Le Quellec
Phone: 01 47 05 81 26
Mail: internement.centredoc@fmd.asso.fr

You would like to join a group, conduct interesting interviews and discover new histories?

Then contact us:


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