Exhibition | The deportation to the concentration camps

The exhibition: The deportation to the concentration camps
An exhibition of the Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Déportation

Often the foundation was asked for photos or documents to use for exhibitions regarding the deportation by schools or associations, and had to refer them to other organisations and associations.

For this reason the foundation has created an exhibition, which you can rent for a certain time.

The exhibition consists of 42 boards (size: 80cm x 60cm) of printed plastic material with texts and pictures (photos or paintings with captions). Every module has a reference number to facilitate the arrangement.

This exhibition is subdivided into two parts:

1) The first eleven boards put the deportation in a historical and ideological context and give a chronological review. The following plastic posters show a horizontal time bar of the years between 1920 and 1945:

  • Germany (What happened there?)
  • The system of the concentration camps (development and settlement)
  • The mass murder (“From suppression of ‘unnecessary life’ to destroying of European Judaism”)
  • “And meanwhile in France” (short summary of the occurrences of the deportation in France)

Three boards describe the expansion of the Reich in Europe, the German occupied nations and finally the inevitable invasion of the Allies from the East and West into the Reich. The last four boards of the first part inform the observer about the National Socialism and the system of the concentration camps in general.

2) The second part is dedicated to the reports of the survivors. Every board – or every group of two or three boards – discusses a special aspect of the living in the camp (arriving, hunger, cold, work, selection, districts, blocks etc.). These are furnished with photos and drawings of the former prisoners.

The exhibition is used as an “instrument of sensitisation” and wants to give an introduction and to prompt following discussions. It is not an “encyclopaedia of deportation”.

Posters in a glance

Part 1
Modules | Chronology | Carts

Part 2
Modules | Photos

Lending conditions

This exhibition can be hired for free. Just the transportation costs have to be defrayed.

A security deposit to the amount of 400 € has to be paid to the foundation. Please feel free to visit us at any time and have a look yourself!

For further information please ask:

Cyrille Le Quellec
Phone: 01 47 05 81 26
Mail: internement.centredoc@fmd.asso.fr

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