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At this moment plenty of owners of private archives concerning the deportation and resistance are concerned about the future of their documents. They want to know that their inventories are secured for the future generation and the historical research, and they wonder where they can get help and more information.

The Fondation pour la Résistance, the Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Déportation, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Culture teamed up to create a handbook.

It may help the following groups of persons:

  • Owners of documents, which describe their personal history of resistance or deportation or the one of a relative
  • Disposers of resistant movements and networks
  • Disposers of foundations or associations concerning the resistance
  • Disposers of foundations concerning the deportation
  • Tutors of museums, which guide archives to the themes of deportation and resistance

This handbook helps with tips of archives and their protection and some addresses of responsible persons. Do not hesitate to call or to write them! They will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Finally you can seek the advice of one of the four organisations mentioned above, which developed the handbook. This mixed “commission for archives” defines itself as a constantly contact person concerning the protection of documents about the deportation and the resistance. It sets itself the goal to find an individual solution for every archive owner regarding his or her documents and their protection.

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