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Revue En Jeu – History and living memories

The current issue is published in December 2015 entitled:

Du témoignage
Autour de Jean Norton Cru

  1. Editorial platform

Why the newspaper is published – some views and notes:

  1. Articles

Every issue of the magazine discuss an exclusive topic. Of course articles non-relating to this special topic are considered too, as long as they discuss the topic of the contemporary conflicts (especially repression and mass murder). The approach of interpretation of the articles should be established historical and socio-scientific.

  1. Editorial
  • Send your article to en.jeu@gmail.com
  • Length of article: 30.000 characters (footnotes and blank lines included)
  • Footnotes must be identified to bottom margin according the following rules: title of work and/or magazine cursive (“ibidem” if repeating quotation), title of article within quotation marks, place, publisher, year (p. xx)
  • The article had to be send with a short summary about 5 to 10 lines, 5 to 6 keywords and a short biography of the author (occupational field, title, centre zone and possibly some publication) to the e-mail address above-mentioned.


Editing committee:

President of editorial office:
Marie-José Chombart de Lauwe

Person responsable:
Yves Lescure, Frédéric Rousseau

Vice president:
Jacques Aron, Charles Heimberg, Yannis Thanassekos

Caroline Langlois

Editing committee:
Jean-Michel André – Corinne Benestroff – Arnaud Boulligny – Roger Bordage – Vanina Brière – Laurence de Cock – Latefa Faïz – Thomas Fontaine – Benjamin Gilles – Bertrand Hamelin – Valérie Igounet – Peter Kuon – Charlotte Lacoste – Sébastien Ledoux – Carole Lemée – Cyrille Le Quellec – Julien Mary – Jacques Moalic – Albert Mingelgrün – Christophe Pécout – Michel Pierre – François Rastier – Serge Raymond – Tristan Storme – Geneviève Van Cauwenberge – Bruno Védrines


Scientific advisory council of the foundation:

Serge Wolikow

Staff of the scientific advisory council:
Jean-Michel André – Jacques Aron – Arnaud Boulligny – Aleth Briat – Claudine Cardon-Hamet – Marie José Chombart de Lauwe – Joëlle Dusseau – Gaël Eismann – Michel Fabréguet – Thomas Fontaine – Bernard Garnier – Jean Gavard – Patricia Gillet – Charles Heimberg – Peter Kuon – Carole Lemée – Cyrille Le Quellec – Christine Levisse-Touzé – Bruno Leroux – Yves Lescure – Agnès Magnien – François Marcot – Michel Pierre – Jean Quellien – Serge Raymond – François Rouquet – Frédéric Rousseau – Robert Steegmann – Yannis Thanassekos – Laurent Veyssière – Barbara Vormeier – Jean Vigreux

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