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The Foundation acts like a commercial enterprise with management, president and general director, as well as a non-profit organisation. It performs the tasks of a public institution, historical research about the deportation and information transfer to the families. Because of its pedagogical and historical tendency, the foundation was accepted as charitable on 17th october, 1990 by an ordinance of the administrative tribunal, signed by the prime minister and the minister of the Interior. The Foundation is under the patronage of the French president.

Annual reports (in French)

Patronage of the President of the Republic

The patronage is regarded as the most important honour and as a sign of esteem on the part of the President.

Accepted as charitable organisation by the state

The following definition results from the law of July 23rd, 1987: “A foundation is an operation, by which a physical or moral person will be granted an irrevocable gain of goods, rights and means to realise a common and charitable work.”

This „irrevocable gain” is what guarantees to sustain the yield of the Foundation because their means persist.


The network of the Foundation consists of:

  • The totality of the foundations, associations of deportees and their families and associations, which were founded after the liberation of the concentration camps. These people meet regularly the management of the Foundation to discuss.
  • The deputies of the association Amis de la Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Déportation, which formed regional unions in the departments.


The International Committees of the National Socialists concentration camps:

Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau, Dora-Ellrich, Mauthausen, Natzweiler-Struthof, Neuengamme, Ravensbrück, Sachsenhausen

Town twinning with…

Paris, Nantes, Vassieux-en-Vercors


  • F.N.D.I.R.P. (Fédération National des Déportés et Internés Résistants et Patriotes)

The “National Federation of Deported and Interned Resistance Fighters and Patriots” was founded by all people affected five months after the victory over Germany in October 1945. It bases upon the so-called “laws of 1901”. The victims of the different developments of the National Socialists terror and their French accomplices of the Vichy government are combined there: “Shadows fighters », men and women persecuted in the name of racial ideology, displaced persons, resistance fighters and the families of the lost and murdered persons.

The F.N.D.I.R.P. has joined and established plenty of projects since 1945, amongst others:

  • Events in order to remember:
    • Publications
    • Reports of contemporary witnesses
    • Commemoration ceremonies
    • Support of museums, cooperation with the Concours national de la Résistance et de la Déportation (« National Competition of Resistance and Deportation »)
    • Flotation of an academic price (Prix de Marcel Paul)
    • Conservation of sites
    • Fight against Holocaust denial
  • International projects:
    • Contribution to conserve freedom, to demobilize and to progress by the campaign L’eau c’est la vie. Moins pour l’armement plus pour le développement. (“Water is life. Less for armament, more for development”), which supports well building projects, bank dams and a maternity ward in Burkina Faso
    • Financing of amputation appliances for the victims of landmines in Angola
  • Legal support:
    • Joint plaintiff while court procedures by reason of crimes against humanity
    • Right of compensation without humiliation of the victims, spouses and orphans
  • Social support:
    • Support and help for persons affected
    • Installation of a medical help centre, a health and a rehabilitation resort, a medical rest home and a health centre
  • Medical projects:
    • Support of the research to be able to (get to) know the characteristics and consequences of deportation and to heal them
  • U.M.I.F (Union des Mutuelles d’Iles de France)

The “Union of Additional Insurance of the Ile de France” was founded in 1947. Over the years, the “Union of Additional Insurance of the Workers” became the “Union of Additional Insurance of Ile de France”, which comprises 50 assurers and 800.000 persons. It has a huge network of health and social insurances in service of the insurances and even more in service of the population. That is why it became one of the most important associate partner of the umbrella organization in collaboration with the insurance companies of the departments.
More than 50 years after its flotation, the functioning and the concept are based on the same value: “Act and allow to act to align health and solidarity” (Agir et faire agir pour que santé rime avec solidarité).

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