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Appel aux dons | On the Lakeside – a movie-project

In 1944 six Italian women of different origins, cultures and social backgrounds found themselves involved in an experience as unexpected as terrifying. Their union, their forced living together and their determination to stay together allowed each one of them not to succumb and to overcome the darkest moment of their lives: deportation to and imprisonment in the Women’s Concentration Camp of Ravensbrück.
The witness of one of these women, Fausta Finzi, gave me the inspiration for a movie-project entitled On the lakeside. In this documentary I reconstruct the story and their friendship, thanks to which they were able to overcome the darkest moments in their lives.

This project springs from a reflection on the handing down of memories in the delicate transition from direct to indirect witnesses, on the threshold of the era called “Postmemory”.

The filming of this project began in October 2016, with the participation of relatives, historians and researchers who were able to know the six women and their experiences as deportees. Trying to limit the expenses as much as possible, the documentary will cost – as to shooting and editing – about 15.000 €, which I hope to cover thanks to the crowdfunding. With your generous donation you will support this entirely independent movie-project, the editing of which will start in the current year. Every contribution, however small, is crucial to its success.

Further information on the project (in English and Italian) and crowdfunding at the following link:


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