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USHMM – Fanny Aizenberg’s 101st birthday

When the Nazis targeted the Jews of Belgium, Fanny Aizenberg joined the resistance movement by hiding refugees in her attic. This signaled the beginning of her long fight to both stay alive and to save others during the Holocaust. As she turns 101 this week, she stands as a reminder that the Nazis didn’t triumph.

Nearly every Sunday, Fanny travels to the Museum to speak to visitors and share her experiences in the Holocaust—you may have met her when you visited the Museum. As a small token of our gratitude, we are creating a birthday card and want you to be a part of the celebration. Sign Fanny’s card to wish her a happy 101st birthday. Sign Fanny’s card to wish her a happy 101st birthday.

Wish Fanny A Happy Birthday! Sign The Card

At the Museum, Fanny explains what it was like to be in the Belgian resistance, the agonizing decision to place her daughter in hiding with strangers, and how she survived Auschwitz, forced labor, and other horrors.

I’ve had many Museum visitors, like you, tell me that it’s firsthand experiences with survivors such as Fanny that create a personal connection to Holocaust history. We are honored that Fanny and other Holocaust survivors, including Fanny’s daughter Josiane, continue to volunteer at the Museum and ensure that future generations will always understand the relevance of Holocaust history in today’s world.

Your birthday message to Fanny will help demonstrate how much her commitment to this Museum means to us. Thank you for wishing Fanny a happy 101st birthday.


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