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Free new online course « Antisemitism – from Its Origins to the Present »


Yad Vashem’s FREE new online course « Antisemitism – from Its Origins to the Present » opened just last week- have you signed up yet?

Join the thousands already participating! 


« Thank you for a fascinating first week with such an erudite collection of ‘presenters’. »

Susan Edwards

What a wonderful week of learning and sharing information. Thank you a lot and much appreciated.

Usmanu Ali

« What a fascinating subject! I was shocked by the fact that the hatred for Jews goes back into the Greco-Roman world, and how false ideas and prejudices only made this hatred throughout history even worse. »

 Joana Brito Câmara

« Excellent first week. Cannot fault any presentation or video. Looking forward to next week. »

Stephen Whitehouse

« The first segment was a thorough introduction to the course. More good reports are coming and we wait impatiently for them. The participants in the videos are remarkable for their treasure of knowledge of Jewish history, past and present »

Professor Esor Ben-Sorek, Ph.D

Registration for « Antisemitism – from Its Origins to the Present » on the FutureLearn Platform closes on April 29, 2018


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