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June Newsletter I US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Challenges Faced by Jewish Refugees As the Nazi regime’s attacks intensified in the late 1930s, hundreds of thousands of Jews in Germany tried to immigrate to the United States. In recognition of World Refugee Day on June 20, explore the complex process individuals faced when trying to seek shelter in America. The process could take years.Roots of Hatred

Countering White Supremacy and Neo-Nazism

Journalist Krista Tippett interviews a former white supremacist who forged an unlikely friendship with a Jewish classmate. They discuss how hateful ideologies spread and how individuals can create change.

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Teaching the Holocaust

Educators Seek Summertime Enrichment

The Museum draws scholars and educators from across the world year-round, but no other season compares with the visitation of summer. Learn about our trainings that further Holocaust education.

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Film Discussion
Learn about Documentary on Syria, 82 Names

Tune in on June 20 at 8 p.m. to a conversation with director Maziar Bahari about his new documentary 82 Names. It traces the journey of Mansour Omari, a survivor of torture and imprisonment in Syria.

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From The Big Questions of Holocaust History Public Program

« We are a society in which race relations are an ever-present question and this is the object lesson of a society that went the other direction and imposed homogeneity, insisted upon it, and this is the extreme to which it can lead. I think our students understand that. »
–Peter Hayes, historian and chairman of the Museum’s Academic Committee, during The Big Questions of Holocaust History on May 7.

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